The atoms

Living is the most intimate thing in the world.
It is feeling that caress on the skin
of the surrounding air. To be awake.
Wake from death, be live.
have crossed the borders
out of nowhere and come to establish
be this merciful zone of space
where the disease is called life.
To be then what I live, what I need
this unexpected palpitation,
this burning turned into a dream, this disorder
of placidity, a song, a prayer.
delicious entertainment
of which we will never know its time
What was, if it was, if it was, if it would have been.

Juan Gil-Albert

The contributions of Spanish innovators and scientists in Canada goes back a long way.

An early example is the famous Whirlpool Aero Car or Spanish Aero Car, a cable car located in Niagara Falls (Ontario) which transports passengers over a section of the Niagara River referred to as the Niagara Whirlpool. 

The Whirlpool Aero Car was designed by Spanish engineer Leonardo Torres Quevedo

In much the same way, today’s contributions from Spanish scientists, researchers, innovators, and academics in Canada show increased relevance in line with the growing number of Spaniards working in Canadian academic institutions and the industry.

About us

CASSA is an association started by a Canadian group of scientists, conceived as an inclusive community of people and institutions with a common interest of science, innovation and human development. 

CASSA wants to bring to the surface the contributions of this talent pool, which is helping to better Canadian society.

Spanish scientists are an intrinsic part of Canada’s diversity and innovation landscape.

What do we do

As a global community driven by science, innovation and discovery, we work to create communication channels between its members, to promote  research, publications, professional events, congresses and conferences, for the greater good of Canada, Spain and the world.

The Canadian Spanish Scientists Association is an organization that brings together Spanish researchers, innovators and scientists living in Canada. It aims to exert influence and inspiration for all Canadians with an interest in innovation at the personal, business or academic level. The ultimate objective of this group is to promote science, innovation, and the individuals involved, to Canadian society and beyond.