The spanish voice of canadian science

CASSA, the Canadian Spanish Scientists Association, translates to ACERCA (Asociacion de Cientificos Españoles Residentes en Canada.) In Spanish, “acerca” is a verb that denotes proximity as well as an adverb of location. 

As a result, the binomial CASSA/ACERCA has warm bilingual connotations.

Nota de Prensa

Press Release

Get to know us

Canadian science is a remarkable blend of individuals of many origins working together for the benefit of Canadians, the world and the future of humankind.

CASSA’s mission is to promote the humanistic side of science, blending a perspective of Spain, its history, its people, its areas of influence, with Canada’s multicultural fabric and its international science footprint.

“Science is organized knowledge” Albert Einstein

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World experts on topics of current interest

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The power of people together

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CASSA, its members and activities in the metaverse

Who we are

We are not many, but have many friends.

We believe we can act as catalysts for human interaction, which is at the core of scientific innovation and social development.

We are all eager to meet you, somewhere, sometime, somehow.